The English-Asian Food Scene – Varied & Now Rewarded

On 31st Jan 2019, a Google of ‘Asian Food in England’ brought back 220 million results; pages of restaurants and takeaways covering a variety of cuisines dotted all over the country. The explosion of pan-Asian food and rise in street food trends have contributed to the ever-growing economic force of the Asian food industry across England.  It’s hard to imagine a time when this wasn’t the case – in all honesty, is has been a while, as the first Chinese restaurant opened its doors in 1907 in London – and we haven’t looked back since.

Instead, the Asian food scene in England has evolved, going from strength to strength and diversifying in terms of overall variety, geographically ethnic cuisines, taste, options, quality and style. Long gone are the days where the idea of Asian Food in England was exclusively associated with the phrase ‘going for a kebab’- the scene now offers much variety for every taste pallet, with restaurants and takeaways offering Japanese, Korean, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Malaysian, Middle-Eastern, Sri Lankan and Bengali cuisines; an appropriate representation of England’s diverse population and love for variation.

It’s also difficult to ignore how much Asian Food has impacted overall food culture in England. Asian hospitality is well known around the world for being welcoming, not leaving someone’s home until comfortably full, sharing leftovers among guests, togetherness and, of course – the tasty food! This has become an intrinsic part of the Asian-English dining experience, along with other cultural norms such as eating with hands or chopsticks, which was perhaps once seen at as uncivilised or improper.

Fariha Saeed – Communications Manager at Oceanic Consulting said:

“The Asian Food scene in England is one to be reckoned with. We at Oceanic Consulting aim to celebrate the achievements of Asian Food businesses and individuals and to reward the difference they make to England’s culture and economy; we will be doing so on Monday 11th February at the first ever English Asian Food Awards. Taking place at the Mercure Hotel in Manchester, we hope the night proves to be the first of many to come which will commemorate and give thanks to the unique variety of Asian Food establishments which bring us together, fill our bellies with tasty food, and inspire future entrepreneurs to open the doors to Asia’s kitchen.”