Inspiring Individuals across the UK are shortlisted for the British Muslim Awards 2019

Three hundred of the most remarkable British Muslims are shortlisted as finalists for the 7th British Muslim Awards after hundreds of nominations are gathered from across the country.

The award exists to recognise a wide range of achievements from outstanding individuals across the UK who positively impact business, charity, sport, arts, culture, religious advocacy, education and medicine among others, while simultaneously and unknowingly battle negative stereotypes.

The awards endeavor to showcase the strength of the British Muslim community, the impact it has on culture and its achievements over the last year with categories ranging from Muslim in the Community, Young Achiever of the Year to Spirit of Britain.

The seventh British Muslim Awards will be held at The Bradford Hotel on Tuesday 19th of February in Bradford, where some of the most accomplished and influential individuals will gather for a glamorous night to celebrate their success.

The British Muslim Awards 2019 presented by Trusted Utility Consultants are brought to you by Oceanic Consulting – the UK’s leading ethnic consulting and promotions organisation. With years of experience, they hold various world-class award ceremonies throughout major cities in Scotland and England annually. Oceanic Consulting events are a major fixture in the calendars of both the Asian community and wider population and generate media interest both locally and internationally.

Trusted Utility Consultants said: “Trusted Utility Consultants (TUC) are delighted to act as an official sponsor for the British Muslim Awards 2019. We’re a leading utility broker who specialise in utility cost reduction for Islamic organisations and have helped save members in excess of £250,000 & reclaim £75,000 through VAT and metering corrections.”

Irfan Younis, CEO of Oceanic Consulting said: “All finalists should be proud of the opportunity to represent British Muslims, highlighting all the wonderful achievements of this diverse and brilliant community. The 7th British Muslim Awards 2019 will be the best yet having seen of the influential leaders put forward; the awards provide a platform to thank those who do what they know best, thrive in their fields and provide future generations with inspirational role-models.

“We wish all our finalists the best of luck and look forward to a night of celebration on the 19th.”

The finalists for the British Muslim Awards 2019 are:

Muslim in the Community

Asad Khan (London)

Fatima Khasimi (London)

Ifraaz Yaseen (Slough)

Khalid Ahmed (Manchester)

M.R.Rahman (Northumberland,  Tyne and Wear)    (Newcastle)

Manzoor and Aiysha Ali  (Manchester)

Mohammed Bhana (Huddersfield)

Nadia Rashid (Bromsgrove)

Nasir Jilani  (South London Wandsworth)

Ahmed Serhani  (London)

Media Arts & Cultural Awareness

Abrar Hussain (London)

Fatima Barakatullah (London)

Muhammad Dilly Hussain (London)

Suman Hanif (Bradford)

Mohammed Yahya (London)

Mehreen Baig (London )

Tanya Muneera Williams (London)

Shahed Saleem (London)

Nadia Ali (London)

Young Achiever of the Year

Arqam Al Hadeed (Leeds)

Mohammed Ali (Leeds)

Musharaf Asghar (Yorkshire)

Adam Ali (Huddersfield)

Ikram Abdi Omar (London)

Remona Aly (Kent)

Mohammed Ali (London)

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan (Leeds)

Baktash Noori (Manchester)

Ibrahim Janjua (Bolton)

Charity of the Year

Human Aid UK(London)

Penny Appeal (Wakefield)

International Learning Movement UK (Blackburn)

Muslim Global Relief (Nelson)

INSAAN (Reading)

One Nation (Batley)

Save The Mothers Trust    (Bradford)

Ummah Welfare Trust (Bolton)

Muslim Aid  (London)

Human Appeal  (Manchester)

Religious Advocate of the Year

Mohammed Roziur Rahman (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Haytham Tamim (London)

Qari Asim (Leeds )

Abdul Basith (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Muhammed Asim Hussain  (Bradford)

Safiya Shahid (Birmingham)

Abdullah Hasa (London)

Abu Usamah (Liverpool)

Mamadou Bocoum (Sussex)

Helal Mahmood (Bolton)

Noor Inayat Khan Muslim Woman of the Year Award 

Abda Khan (Bradford)

Najma Khalid (Oldham)

Sophai Choudhary (Aldershot)

Elinor Chohan (Cheshire)

Rimla Akhtar (Liverpool)

Sara Khan  (Bradford)

Syima Aslam (Bradford)

Food Business of The Year

Mother Hubbards (Bradford)

Yorkshire Dama Cheese (Huddersfield)

Eagle Foods  (Peterborough)

KQF Foods Ltd (Blackburn)

Humza Foods (Harwich)

Tahira Foods (Wembley)

Spice Time  (Birmingham)

Shazans (Preston)

Fazila Foods (Bolton)

Olympic Foods  (Whiston)

Achievements In Law

Saeed Hafezi (Manchester)

Sobia Ditta (Manchester)

Afshan Hashmi (Leeds)

Tasaddat Hussain (Manchester)

Sajid Shahban (Stoke on Trent)

Irfan Kaiser (Sheffield)

Sultana Tafadar (London )

Tahira Shaffi (Manchester)

Nesheela Nazir (Birmingham)

Moin Azmi (Manchester)

The Mohammed Sarwar Services  Award

Yasmin Khan (Bradford)

Naseem Ayub (Luton)

Fozia Irfan (Bedford)

Zulfi Karim (Bradford)

Mabs Hussain (Manchester)

Magid Magid (Sheffield)

Hany El-Banna (London)

Mohammed Farooq (Greenmount)

Fiz Ahmed (Leeds)

Waheed Saleem (Birmingham)

Achievements in Accounting & Finance 

Deedad Choudhary (London)

Adnan Sajid (Manchester)

Zeeshan Haider (London)

Riaz Alidina (London)

Abu Ali (Newcastle)

Ernst Young (London)

Irfan Harris (London)

Arif Ahmad (Blackburn)

Humayon Dar (London)

Farrukh Raza (Birmingham)

Business Leader of the Year

Naveen Ahmed (Leeds)

Azhar Hussain (London)

Afsane Jetha (London)

Al Karim Nathoo (London)

Shamshad Ahmed (West Drayton)

Asad Arshad (London)

Tanzeel Younas (Nottingham)

Asad Shamim (Bolton)

Sajad (Peterborough)

Entrepreneur of the Year

Fateha Chowdhury (London)

Imran Azam (Manchester)

Ismail Jeilani  (London)

Syed Shah (Burnley)

Zak Patel (Batley)

Aisha Naheed (Rochdale)

Ali Waheed (Surrey)

Ayesha Ziya (Preston)

Haroon Qureshi (London)

Noor Uddin (Bradford)

Spirit of Britain

Haroon Mota (Coventry)

Fatimah Vadia / Resham Khan (Manchester)

Nazim Ali (Bradford)

Hoda Yahya Elsoudani (Brent)

Habib Rahman (Newcastle)

Nasser Kurdy (Altrincham)

Nasim  Asharf (Oldham)

Great Muslim Panto (London)

Happy Children Nursery    (Wavertree)

Manchester with the Homeless (Manchester)

Services to Education

Kauser Jan (Leeds)

Asif Ahmed (Birmingham)

Ghazala Mir (Leeds)

Majid Ditta (Blackburn)

Imran Awan (Birmingham)

Tariq Ramadan (Oxford)

Afshin Shahi (Durham)

Maha Hosain Aziz (London)

Akil Awan (London)

Tariq Modood (Bristol)

Saad Quershi (London)

Community Initiative of the Year

Muslim Women in Sport (London)

Hijoobi National Girls sports campaign (London)

Support Muslim Business Forum [SMBF]    (Bradford)

Fatima Women’s Association (Oldham)

Blackburn Rovers Community Trust (Blackburn)

The Wirral Deen Centre (Birkenhead)

Blackburn United Girls (Bathgate)

Markazi Jamia Ghausia Mosque    (Cobridge)

Love a Muslim (Leeds)

Tyne & Wear Citizens (Tyne and Wear)

Business of the Year

Chaiiwala (Leicester)

Gafoor Pure Halal Retail (Preston)

Janan (Bradford)

PAK TRAVELS (Birmingham)

Richmond Laundries (London)

Forsyth Barnes (London)

Arctic Glass UK Ltd (Blackburn)

PS Events (Oldham)

Chesters  (Preston)

CK Foods (Hull)

Small Business of the Year 

Ahmed Tours and Travels (London)

Signature trading (Loughborough)

Studio Souffle (London)

Leeds PPN – Progressive Property Network (Leeds)

Mubarak – Mini Muslims (Preston)

Anafiya Gifts (London )

Gemimas  (Birmingham)

Ibraheem Toy House (Birmingham)

Yasmin Ahmed Ltd (London)

Fx Cosmetics (Bradford)

Diversity Champion of the Year

Jehangir Malik (Mitzvah Day Campaign) (London)

Miqdaad Versi (London)

Dream Chaser Youth Club (Birmingham)

Sohie Gilliat Ray (Cardiff)

Abid Hussain (Edinburgh)

Mark Burns  – Williamson (West Yorkshire)

Channel 4 (Leeds)

Bradford College  (Muslim Exhibition) (Bradford)

Mustafa Mohammed  (Surrey)

British Army (Andover)

One to Watch

Parisa Seif Amir Hosseini (London)

Rukshana Choudhury (St Albans)

Sabeeha Ibrahim (Bradford)

Sajid Rashid (Burton upon Trent)

Aqeela Malik (London)

Hareem Ghani (London)

Fozia Bora (Leeds)

Adil Husseini (London)

Sadek Hamid. (Manchester)

Ali Qasim (London)

Social Inclusion Group Of The Year

British Islamic Medical Association (London)

CAGE (London)

Council of British Hajjis (Bolton)

Gardens of Peace (London)

Leeds Muslim Youth Forum (Leeds)

Boro Fusion (Middlesborough Football Club) (Middlesbrough)

Hop On (Bradford)

The Professional Muslims Institute (Bradford)

Ramadan Tent Project (London)

Oxford Homeless Project  (Oxford)

Leading Lights of the Year

Qaisra Shahraz (Manchester)

Mobeen Butt  (Cardiff)

Husna Ahmad (London)

Muhbeen Hussain (Barking)

Mustafa Mohammed

Shazia Choudhry (London)

Tanzeel Younis (Nottingham)

Faizal Karbani (Middlesex)

Mohamed Belal Sabbagh (Manchester )

Shahida Begum (Oldham)

Rising Star in  Sport

Umar Khan (Bradford)

Sahil Khan (Dudley)

Abdus Salaam (London)

Ezdihar Abdulmula (Bradford)

Yashmin Harun (London)

Ramla Ali (London)

Asma Elbadawi (Bradford)

Moona (Birmingham)

Raf Hussain (Coventry)

Ruqsana Begum (London)

Dr Abbas Khan Services to Medicine Award

Nadim  Malik (Manchester)

Noweed Ahmad (Middlesbrough)

Mohammed Yousaf Ahmad (Edinburgh/London)

Zaheer Ud Din Babar (Huddersfield)

Zeshan U Qureshi (London)

Asif Munaf (Nottingham)

Irfan Ahmed (Aberdeen)

Iram Sattar (London)

Sattar Alshryda, (Manchester)

Professional In Business 

Nabela Bhatti  (Reading)

Qasim Nawaz (Leeds)

Sunny Araf (London)

Shahed Saleem Tariq   (Leeds)

Zaka Mian (London)

Shaheen Sayed (Edinburgh)

Mehmet Asutay (Durham)

Shazhad Saleem

Imraan Patel (Blackburn)

Mujtaba Khalid

Arif Khalfe (Leeds)

Hajj Operator of The Year  

El-Sawy Travel (London)

Al Haramain Hajj & Umrah Tours (Blackburn)

Arif Hajj & Umrah Services (Nelson)

Al Omary Hajj and Umrah Travel Services  (Bradford)

Premier Hajj (Birmingham)

Sada-E-Madina Hajj & Umrah (Huddersfield)

Hasan Travel & Tours (London)

Nabil Hajj & Umrah Packages (London)

Dome Tours International (London)

Makkah Tour (London)

Digital Activity Of The Year

Halal Hangouts  (Leicester)

Islamic GPS (London)

Scoodle  (London)


SuperSaf TV (Leicester) (London)

Halal Dining Club (London)

The Muslim Entrepreneur Network

Amaliah  (London)

Islamic Moments

Outstanding Achievement of the Year

Hoda Yahya Elsoudani

Zahra Butt (Nottingham)

Centre for Islam & Medicine (Solihull)

Harrow Council     (Harrow)


The Telegraph (London)

Amaliah (London)

You Get Me? (London)

Islamic High School for Girls (Manchester)

Project Ribcage

Religious Education Provider


Ebrahim College (London)

iSyllabus (Glasgow)

Fatimah Elizabeth Cates Academy (London)

Ilm 2 Amal – Knowledge to Action (Bolton)

Cambridge Islamic College (Cambridge)

Al Khair School (Croydon)

The British Muslim School  (West Bromwich)

Al-Maktoum College (Dundee)

City Hasanat College  (Birmingham)

Rising Star of the Year

Malia Bouattia (London)

Thron Miah (Derby)

Umar Hussain (London)

Sabilah Eboo Alwani (Cambridge)

Ayisha Hameed  (Hampshire)

Ridwan Ahmed Rafique (London)

Nadia Haque (London)

Kabir (Glasgow)

Shabana Gulzar (London)

Neyar Sultana Malik (London)

Community Initiative 

Aid 4 Ummah (Blackburn)

Barakah Food Aid (Manchester)

Birmingham futsal club    (Birmingham)

Myriad Foundation (Manchester)

Khizra Mosque and Community Centre (Manchester)

Riders of Shaam (Leicester)

Together We are Stronger (Leeds City Council) (Leeds)

The Islamic Diversity Centre (Newcastle)

Golders Green Islamic Centre  (London)

Register Our Marriage (London)

Rising Star In Law

Firdous Ibrahim (London)

Rehana Popal (London)

Sabeela Malik (London)

Salma Khan (Aylesbury)

Munia Mahreen (London)

Misbah Majid (London)

Amina Mirza (London)

Farah Hanif (Manchester)

Nasreen Akhtar (London)

Social Leader of the Year

Imran Sanaullah  (London)

Ziafat Ali (Rossendale)

Ayesha Aslam (London)

Jahangeer Akhtar (Manchester)

Aliya Mohammed (Cardiff)

Dilara Khan (London)

Mohammed Ikram (Newcastle)

Bana Gora (Bradford)

Sofia Mahmood (Bradford)

Raheel Mohammed, (London)

Community Pioneers of The Year

Amin & Yasmin (London)

Asif Hassanati (London)

Henna Rai (Birmingham)

Saleen Bibi (Nottingham)

Asma Ali

Fazal Rehman Khan